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The cause of pimples or acne has always been associated with various elements and one of which is the hormone produced by someone.

Although acne is not a life threatening disease, but everybody wants to get rid of it in order to look good. Here, we will share how hormones can cause acne. The number of acne that grow on skin especially on the face area can cause acne sufferers become less confident with their own appearance.

One main cause of acne comes from human body itself. Although teenagers always face the problem of unstable hormone due to the growing up process, hormonal imbalances also applies to many adults.

In general, the growth of acne is due to the production of androgen hormones that stimulate the sebaceous glands and cause the gland to grow or expand. The production of androgen hormones produce sebum, which makes skin soft and waterproof. The accumulated sebum and clogged pores in the skin will be infected by bacteria and cause dead skin cells.

In short, the more sebum produced by the androgen hormone, the greater the potential for the skin to have acne. When increased production of androgen occur, Sebaceous glands and skin layers in pores change too. 

Adolescent who experience hormonal changes will also shed skin frequently during puberty. In this period we often see teenagers who suffer from either serious or mild acne problems. Not only teenagers, adults too are prone to have acne problem.

However, as for adults, the problem of hormonal imbalance occurs temporarily and do not persist in the long run but still need to be treated to avoid serious problem.

Other problems that cause adult hormonal imbalances:
👉Growing back acne for the first time after long time can be caused by PMS, Pre-Menopause and Menopause.
👉Changes of hormone production during pregnancy
or during the menstrual cycle.
👉Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in which patients suffer from growth problems or hair loss, darker skin around the armpits or hidden area on the body and obese in the abdominal area

In addition to that, hormonal imbalances are also associated with chronic emotional and psychological conditions that can be treated with several methods.

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